😻MEOW! If you’re looking for a tall, dark, and handsome man to enter your life, have I got a prospect for you 🐈‍⬛!! Meet our foster cat, Jack.
Jack loves people of all ages and is especially patient with children. Just look at him the right way and his motor gets running!

Want to cuddle on the couch? Absolutely! He’ll even let you carry him around like a baby 😂 He knows the sound of his food bowl, treats, and loves playing with water coming out of the tap.
He is neutered, and 2 years young. Jack loves toys, laser pointers and this random piece of beaver fur he carries around like a prize. He’s super curious! He’s always checking out what I’m doing.

He has always lived with other animals though, so as far as we know he would do just fine with the right match! He just constantly wants to chase and she is having none of it in her retirement.
**BONUS** he doesn’t mind being brushed, and his fur doesn’t show up on black leggings 💁‍♀️

If Jack is your man, text Jill 705-662-2352 or call the adoption center at 705-692-3319 and please submit an adoption application❣️

Mixed breed