😻😽 Meet Rodriguez!! He's a charming 2-year-old male tabby cat. Initially shy, he blossoms into a sweet companion once he gets to know you. Rodriguez has a penchant for treats and enjoys cuddles when he feels comfortable, although he's not quite ready for belly rubs. This curious feline is great with older kids and is [...]



Meet, Dasher! 🐱 Dasher is a 2 year old male. This guy is very timid. He will need a patient home, to help socialize him & show him the better side of life! Dasher really deserves to get out of the shelter & into a home of his own! If you are interested in Dasher, [...]



Meet, Sprout! 🐱 Sprout is a 4.5 month old female. She’s very loving, and loves running around with her friends. She also enjoys her naps, and one on one time… wouldn’t she just make a perfect addition to your family?! 📲If interested in adopting, Sprout, please contact, Jill (705)-662-2352 or Sam (705)-562-0022.



Meet, Timber! 🐱 Timber is a 4 month old female! She is a quiet & pretty girly! She would much preferred to be spolied in a home of her own than the shelter! Come take timber home.🐱 📲If interested in adopting, Timber, please contact, Jill (705)-662-2352 or Sam (705)-562-0022.



Meet, Sage! 🐱 Sage is a 4 month old female. She is a chill gal, enjoys to explore, find cool places to nap, & likes to sit in your lap once you get to know her! She would love for someone to come adopt her this weekend! 🐱 📲If interested in adopting, Sage, please contact, [...]



Meet, Jinx, the Calico cat! 🐱 Jinx is a 11 week old female. She a quiet & timid girl, she comes around though & loves attention & kisses. Take your time & you’ll earn her trust! She would thrive in her forever home, & look at those eyes! These 2 can be adopted out separately, [...]



Meet Linx, the black cat! 🐱 Linx is a 14 week old male. He loves to say hello & come up to you when he spots you, he really enjoys attention. Linx is waiting for his forever home at the shelter, but this little guy deserves to get a forever home. These 2 can be [...]



This momma is ready for adoption.  She’s absolutely stunning and is the most loveable girl.  Please call pet save 705-692-3319 or fill out an application. Here is Pixie :) She loves people and will walk all over you to get pets. She gets along great with cats and spends all day nearby my cat. She [...]

Baxter and/or Raven


Raven - Black Female Baxter - Dark Tabby approx. 3 years. claim they are "bonded" but Baxter is just the ONLY one to put up with Ravens shenanigans😂. She is pleasantly plump and would do best in a home with either just her or her and Baxter but NO other animals. Baxter is a love [...]

Little kitten/cat


Foster update! Little Kitten/Cat - Female - about 4 to 6 months .....I think she is half "special"... was told she was a wobbly cat but apparently was thrown from a vehicle. Fiesty! Loves to cuddle, but on her own terms... comes with her own emotional support pillow. It's gross and it can’t be washed [...]

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