Spencer report…

He is a typical beagle….. He is skittish of dogs and barks, but hasn’t snapped or growled  He is def amazing with kids, he thinks he is one of them. High energy, we walk him at least 1hr a day sometimes 2, and he is super playful. Pulls on leash, yes nose to ground. Barks for car rides, not the biggest fan of them yet, and still requires training for nipping/jumping but has sit and off command down Pat!  Working on down and not bolting when door opens. Crate trained, sleeps all night….. Mr Spencer thinks everything in the house is his for grabs, but a NO Spencer, and he drops it……
That’s Spencer in a nut shell.

Oh, and hasn’t had an accident on floor for 2 weeks!
He is like a puppy, even though he is 3…. This is a whole new and exciting world for him!

If you’d like to meet Spencer, text Sam at 705-562-0022, fill out an application on the website, or call the shelter.

Beagle/Coonhound mix