This is THOMAS, and he needs a foster or forever home (he would love to find his people and is so deserving❤️).

💞This is a message from his weekend foster home: “What a well-behaved little boy. He is almost 5 months old and is progressing very well with his learning. He listens very well when you tell him no and is learning what is and isn’t his. He is a fairly typical puppy and is quite curious. He is still potty training, but if you pay attention to him, he goes to the door or sniffs around when he needs to go out. He had very few accidents in the house and those were mostly the issue of not seeing him go to the door.

He sleeps well through the night and is a cuddler. He is part brindle and has white splotches. This means he only has one black toe nail, which is fun. He wants to be with you wherever you go and is a great car ride companion. He is curious about cats and will chase if they run, but he is not aggressive in any way. He loves everyone and everything he comes into contact with and just wants you to love him in return. He was able to be off lead in a rural area and does well coming back when he is called. He doesn’t stray too far away from your side. He is likely gonna be a big lovable goofball. If that is what you are looking for in a dog, then look no further. Thomas is the dog for you!”

Please text 705-562-0022 or 705-662-2352 if interested in this little guy💞 and submit an application form.

Mixed breed