Update from Foster …
We had a successful work day yesterday. Snow was alone in the house, and she was a very good girl. She had run off the main rooms in the house and when I got home everything was intact! Walks…. She is better walking with a leash now than she was at first, but also very good without a leash. Without a leash, she stays in front and turns to check that you are still with her. She doesn’t go much more than 20 feet ahead. She definitely has some previous training. If someone wanted to avoid the puppy stage and have a dog that is ready to be loved without the puppy headaches, she is the gal.! A couple of things to know. She is NOT fond of the cold. Snow is OK, but she can do without the sub-zero Temps. And she makes short work of any dog toy. She may have a future as a dog toy tester!

if you’re interested, please text 705-562-0022, 705-662-2352 or the shelter at 705-692-3319

Lab mix