Oh.my.god! You totally caught me mid-snuggle! I mean, I appreciate a good belly rub as much as the next guy, but to be perfectly honest, I’m more of a ‘life in the fast lane’ kinda guy. My name is Sheldon and I’m hoping this post will help me find a good leader to show me how to ‘dog’. I’m speedy, athletic and definitely not boring. Where I come from, up north, I was free to do whatever I wanted so this has been quite an adjustment for me. So far, I’ve learned about collars, leashes, buses and kennels and it has been a lot, but I do want to keep learning! It’s a big world out here!!! If you want to be my teacher, my foster, my leader or my friend, give the Pet Save Sudbury team a call. In the mean time I’ll be here… waiting to be the student you’ll never forget. 💚

Yours enthusiastically,

Lab mix