Hey I’m Roy! I’m about 60 lbs, and when I’m on a leash: I walk like I mean it. I’m also a really good kisser (especially with cute blondes like this one) and I’m working on this thing they call “stay down”… I just googled it and I think I get it, but it might take me a bunch of reminders to really master the skill. I’m proud of this nice white patch on my chest, I feel like it makes me look a bit more jacked. I’m young and looking for a family to take me on lots of walks and tour me around this town… what’s it called again? Oh ya, Sudbury. I came in with my budz off the Bark Bus so holler at my Pet Save Sudbury peeps if you want to come walk, foster or adopt me! In the mean time, YOU get a smooch, and YOU get a smooch, and EVERYBODY gets a smooch! Xoxoxox

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