If you can’t get enough toe beans, you need to meet Polly – she has a few extra!

I’ve been calling her “Mr. Thumbs” for several months, until I was informed her legal name is Polly. She didn’t seem to mind either name; she primarily cares about chasing sunspots and laser pointers. She’s an excellent hunter with her extra thumbs (peep the comments for a close-up). Polly was surrendered for being antisocial; she is a shy girl, and I haven’t been able to pet her yet, but she’s very curious and playful. She’s coming closer to me now and will hang out near my feet. She needs a home environment and consistent hoomans to help her feel comfortable being herself! Can Polly be herself in your house?

If interested in adopting Polly, you can fill out an application from the Pet Save website and then schedule an appointment to meet her once approved. 😻 Pet Save 705-692-3319

Domestic Short Hair