I used to live in a cat colony in powassan til a nice lady brought me and many others to pet save. After spending a year in foster care, I am ready for a forever home that is willing to accept my quirkiness. Here are some get to know me facts:
-me name is POE
– i cannot meow like a normal cat, it is more like a whisper then i brrr and a noise like a raccoon, but I purr like no tomorrow
– i like to sleep in bed with humans
-sometimes when I can’t sleep, and when thy human is, I like to nibble human toes through the blanket. It is like an interactive toy.
– i give love bites when over stimulated, but I don’t mean to. It just happens.
– my favorite toys are the cat springs
Having another cat in the house is ideal cause I like to cuddle with them and play. I am okay with dogs that let me be. I am alright with children over 6 (I have a child in my current home).