🐶Meet Pepper!! He is a 14 week old lab mix.
Notes from his foster🐾” Pepper has been the sweetest boy wanting all the cuddles. Pepper is the perfect gentleman so far! We are working on house training, and simple commands- Pepper is currently hanging out at our place with our 70lbs and 5lbs pups he has been so sweet getting to know them! He is also so great with kids! He’s being well cared for by our 3 kids, and was besties with my little baby niece! Pepper even slept through his first night with us, 9PM-8AM!”

If you need Pepper as the perfect spice in your life, text Jill 705-662-2352 or Sam 705-562-0022 and let them know❤️.
Please also submit an adoption application.

Lab Mix