Hello from Nala!
Behind that beautiful smile is a very brave girl. Nala came from a home with over 50 large breed dogs. She had never been outside the home or met any people other than the 2 living at the house.
She has had a few months to decompress from the traumatic situation. She is a very happy girl when she’s playing with her pack. Nala is still shy and trying to come out of her shell. She has learned she is safe and does not have to fight for survival. Nala is still unsure of this big world. She does very well in the fenced yard but panics when taken outside of her comfort zone. Therefore she does not make it very far outside of the yard on a leash. Nala is looking for a very special person who can devote their time to her, working on developing her social skills. She has the most confidence around familiar faces. She would do well in a home with a second dog. We have seen a lot of improvement with Nala, she is no longer the shy girl hiding in the corner.
If you can commit to working with Nala please call Pet Save 705-692-3319 or email petsaveinc.sudbury@gmail.com
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