Momma came from a hoarding situation where she lived with approximately 50 dogs. She arrived at Pet Save in the fall and had time to decompress and became a dog. She got along well with other dogs and loved walks. Soon after she arrived we discovered she was pregnant and she gave birth to 7 puppies in a foster home. Momma had to be relocated back to the shelter with her puppies as she started guarding them. In her previous life only the strong survived so this was all she knew. 7 weeks later mommas puppies have left to foster homes. This caused momma alot of anxiety and uncertainty. Volunteers reassure her that her puppies are safe and she will never have to have babies again.
Momma is at the Pet Save shelter and is looking for a home where she can work on herself. Momma has spent her whole life worrying and we would love to see her relax. She needs a person to bond with and teach her obedience. Momma does not have great manners and gets over stimulated. Another dog in the home would be a bonus. The other dogs momma came in with love her and look up to her she brings out the best in them. But Momma deserves self care and needs to find herself.
If you are able to commit to working with momma please give us a call. Pet Save 705-692-3319 or send us sn email
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