This is molly our 8 yr old Weimaraner, we had her in a foster home the last couple months and here’s what we have figured out so far.
Molly is great with women and young men. she loves to sleep on the bed at night. good with other dogs when off leash and can be anxious with other dogs when on leash. . She is generally ok with older men but can go into barking sessions for no reason if uncomfortable with them. she was tied out on a leash all day and brought into an entrance way in a crate at night. Being tethered ( is brutal on a day) causes these defensive behavior issues. she also chases cars and ATV’s. She absolutely needs to be able to sleep on the bed and cuddle her family. She has come along way in 2 months with socialization and just needs a little more time to get her the rest of the way. She is good in the house alone. We are looking for a home with a female and kids would be fine, maybe 10 and up. A home in a quiet neighborhood so she would not get overstimulated by too much traffic. If interested to foster or adopt Molly please call Pet Save at 705-692-3319 daily between 9-4 or email an application to