❤️Here’s MOJO showing off his adorable sweater. This guy is about 8 months old and is looking for his loving forever home❣️

An update from his foster🐾”Mojo is a big meatball with a watermelon sized head and he is pure perfection. Well, other than during his daily zoomies hours, when he zoomies his back legs are parallel with his front legs and he looks quite ridiculous. He’s a puppy at heart , still chases his tail, is learning not to dig and is doing his best at learning garden boundaries.

He has quite the goofball personality, will sleep on the floor or on the couch or on your bed, but not on a dog bed, dog beds are a hard no. He is fine when left home alone although he doesn’t like the crate he is fine in the “dog room” with the door closed.

Fully house trained, he knows most commands quite well (sit, lie down, stay, shake a paw, shake the other paw, leave it & take it. He is a strong boy that is still learning his size and that his paws need to stay on the ground. He also is still learning how to walk on leash without pulling, he just gets a bit excited to move faster sometimes.

He loves his ball, his stuffies, treats, and bites of your snacks if you’re willing to share. Mister mojo is looking for his forever home. He is a lovebug and he is very easy to bond with, such a sweetheart!”

If this guy sounds like he belongs with your family, please apply today by texting 705-662-2352 or 705-562-0022 and submitting an application form.

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