Salut! C’est moi, Maya! I’m one of the northern gals that arrived on the Bark Bus. I’m petite, and a little timid at first, but I warm up quick to new people if they’re gentle with me and they get down to my level. I only weight about 40 lbs and I’m young. Plus, I stand out because I have the most adorable curly tail. Despite being basically a puppy myself, I’ve already had a litter of puppies. I’m glad my days as a mom are over though, so I can get back to being ME! I’ve got so much to offer a family or even just one human, I’m loving and I have the drive to chase partridge! I surprised my dog walker today when one of them flew away and I tried to take off like a skilled nascar driver! Good thing she was holding on real tight! Anyway, I’m available for walks and love, or even foster or adoption. Contact my friends at Pet Save Sudbury to set up a date with me! Merci beaucoup! ❤️

Lab mix