How YOU doin’???? I’m Joey… and I’m a happy-go-lucky guy. I’m on the hunt for a good looking foster or forever human like YOU! I was so lucky to go for a walk with a nice family today, a mom, a dad, a little girl (she kinda looked like Princess Elsa), and even one of my sisters too! We had a great time walking through the snowy trail. Maybe you could put me in your calendar for walk-time, or even to come meet me if you want to foster or adopt me? I’d love that! Call or message the humans at Pet Save Sudbury and they’ll make it happen! For now, I’m staying in Val Caron at the overflow kennel and guess what??? There are horses here!!! Exciting! But I can’t really go hang out with them so I guess that’s a moo point. I hope to see you soon! Love, Joey.

Lab mix