🐾 🤍 Meet Happy 🐾🤍

A message from his foster family❤️🐾

He is looking for his fur-ever family! He is 5 months old, and just the most loving baby dog ever! From the moment we picked him up and brought him home , he has been an absolute delight. Happy’s intelligence shines through in every new trick he masters and command he learns. His eagerness to explore and understand the world around him is both inspiring and heartwarming.

Happy’s loving nature makes every day brighter. He’s a gentle soul who gets along wonderfully with other pets, making him a joy to have around. Whether he’s snuggling up for a cuddle or playing with his furry friends, Happy’s presence fills our home with warmth and happiness.

Fostering Happy has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Watching him grow, learn, and spread his infectious joy daily has been a true blessing.

We’re still working on potty training but he is showing great progress. He will be fully trained in no time I’m certain. He sleeps through the night, he sits, shakes paw and lays down on command.

All I know is this little man is INCREDIBLE!

If your family is looking for the sweetest lil’ man, text 705-562-0022 or 705-662-2352 or call 705-692-3319 and let them know you are interested in Happy! And please submit an adoption application🌻.

Mixed breed