You are my sunshine 🌞
Gooood Morning Gunther!!!!! Gunther came from a hoarding situation. He was in a home with more than 50 large breed dogs and only knew the four walls of the house and the 2 humans inside, his entire life. He had never been outside. He came to Pet Save in the fall and was transferred to another rescue who sent him back. Poor Gunther was set back by the move. He is a month behind in his socialization progress. He can be untrusting of new people at this time. He finds confidence when around the alpha dogs, Momma and Blue, and the humans he knows. He has formed a special bond with a pet save member who has taught him long walks and car rides are good for the soul. He enjoys when she sings you are my sunshine to him. He is looking for a positive but assertive handler to match his strong personality. If you have experience with a dog that has experienced trauma he would very much benefit from spending time with you.
If you are able to commit to this wonderful guy please give us a call Pet Save 705-692-3319 or email
Shep Mix