How do you like your salsa – mild, or maybe medium. How about hot? If you like hot sauce then Fester is the cat for you, because she is S P I C Y. This girl came in totally scared of us; I have videos somewhere of her frantically hissing at me when I tried to give her a bowl of water. With time and love, Fester has become much more patient and slightly less spicy. She gives me spicy glances now but no longer hisses at me. She’s a super cute cat with sassy attitude and is ready to go into a home. She will bond with you over time and you’ll become her bff; what are you waiting for!!!

If interested in adopting Fester, you can fill out an application from the Pet Save website and then schedule an appointment to meet her once approved. 😻 pet save 705-692-3319

Domestic Short Hair