Meet our current foster Cotton – a terrier/pug mix who is looking for her own special family! Cotton is approx 6 years old. She is learning how life can be – loves walks , belly rubs, laps, toys, treats, car rides and dog beds. MANDATORY – fenced backyard and another dog in the home. Cotton is skittish – takes time to warm up and feel safe. She has a leash attached to her harness in the home at all times and needs to be double leashed for walks because of her flight risk due to her past. You have to earn her trust and once you do she will become your shadow. She is a terrier and loves to get in to things. She is good with all dogs she has met. She is good in a crate but prefers to sleep on your bed. She is good alone for a few hours with 2 other dogs for company. Not sure about cats as she hasn’t met any yet. Are you her special family – reach out to Petsave at 705-662-2352 or 705-562-0022

Terrier mix