Looking for a unique cat? Mrs. Pugface here has it all.

Originally brought in from a house raid, this two year old is good with other cats and unsure about dogs. Claudette gives love bites sometimes when overstimulated, so she is ideal for a home with older children or none at all.

this gal is going to have a complex before she leaves the shelter! When first brought in by another organization, Claudette was identified as a male. 2 months later, Pet Save noticed that “his tummy” was getting profoundly large. Expecting to pop in a month or so, nothing happened, and found out “she” was a “he” but already neutered. 3 more months go by with claudette in foster care, and Claudette started screaming like she was in heat, which meant another visit to the vet. We officially found out and can confirm that this cutie is a female!