If anyone has ever thought to themselves, “I want to adopt a cat who’s been at the shelter a really long time”, then Mara is your girl. She’s about 6 years old but has been at the shelter for 5 years 😿 She is curious of me when I approach, but when she realizes I don’t have a laser pointer or fun toy, she gets scared and wants to hide. “Why is that big lady approaching me if she doesn’t want to play???” She’s all about fun and games but hasn’t grown to love and trust a human yet – but she’s been in the shelter for years, so how could she.
Take a chance on a shy or scared kitty. Being scared doesn’t mean they’re a bad pet to own, it just means they need some time and care and love. People see the cat’s fear and pass them over, instead of recognizing that fear can be transformed with the right home. The scared kitty I adopted is now loud and boisterous and loves to snuggle. Meet Chelsea.  This tiny girl has spent a few years at the Pet Save Shelter.  She came in as a feral mom and is still unsure of people.  She would do well in a home with other cats.  If interested in Chelsea please call Pet Save 705-692-3319

Update September 2023. Chelsea is still living at the Pet Save Shelter. We are very hopeful that someone will want to bring her home and work with her. She comes for treats and wet food. We are confident she would open up in a home. She has never had a home and deserves to be part of a family.

If you are interested in Chelsea please call Pet Save 705-692-3319 or fill out an application.

If you are not looking to adopt but can help get this girl out of the shelter and work with her we would greatly appreciate it. All supplies provided. Second cat in the home is a must!

Location: Shelter

Domestic Short Hair