Meet Bree. While she may look unimpressed here, please rest assured that this is just how she looks on any given day 😹
Bree had her babies at the shelter, and they’ve gone on to find homes – now Bree wants a home of her own! Bree’s nature is to be a princess, but her motherly instincts always win out. For example, she demands a private dish of wet food at dinner time, instead of sharing a large tray with the other shelter cats. However, if another kitty comes up to her private dish, she will step aside and let the hungry kitty enjoy her wet food. I didn’t think there could be such thing as a docile princess cat, but here we are! She’s very calm and sweet, and would get along well in almost any home!
If interested in adopting Bree, you can fill out an application from the Pet Save website and then schedule an appointment to meet her once approved.

Domestic Short Hair