Introducing Blue. He came from a home with over 50 large breed dogs. These dogs only knew the four walls of the house and the two humans their entire lives. They had never been outside.
Blue shocked us all the first day he arrived. He’s big, smart, loyal and confident, despite what he’s been through. All of his pack feed off of his bravery and positive energy. Anyone who has met Blue loves him and says he is a good looking dog.
Blue was the first to find a foster home. Unfortunately, he came back to us due to a change in the fosters living situation. He needs a loyal companion to help guide him through the process of becoming a domesticated house dog. Blue enjoys long walks and being a passenger in the vehicle. He loves cuddles.
If you can commit to helping Blue long term working on being the best dog he can be please call Pet Save 705-692-3319 or send us an email
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