🐾🐾Hi! I’m Ben. I’m about 8-9 weeks, a Husky mix, and am starting the search for my forever home❤️.

I have been living in my new foster home for a week now. Although my foster parents have given me time to adjust and get to know me, all they have been able to say about me is that I am way too cute not to be adopted. But honestly, I already knew that. They won’t let me use pee pads because I have too much fun tearing them up, and they’re afraid I might try to eat them. However, I have been doing great at going outside. I’m also what they call “so chill”. I sleep, eat, play, and repeat. Sometimes, I am put in my crate, which I don’t mind. But when my foster mom returns, I am quick to greet her with kisses. I get along well with other dogs and they like me too because I play nicely and know when it’s time to take a break. To be fair, I’m usually the one needing a nap. Well it’s time for me it go potty now so I’ll check back in soon.

To apply for me, text Jill 705-662-2352 or Sam 705-562-0022 and please complete an application form❤️.

Husky Mix