Meet Bag Lady. Of course, there’s a story behind this name. She was found at the dump with a plastic bag stuck around her body; thankfully, she was rescued and brought to the shelter where she remains today.

This beautiful girl can usually be spotted hanging out around the food dishes (you can tell from her healthy stature that she enjoys at least a few meals a day). Her white eyeliner and gigantic white whiskers make her look very unique. She comes out around the shelter volunteers but is still pretty shy. She has lots of potential to be a wonderful pet for someone who’s understanding of her history and who knows she may need a little time (and a lot of snacks). She’s been through a lot and deserves a home now. “This shelter is a lot better than the dump, but I’m ready to come to your house now!”

If interested in adopting Bag Lady, you can fill out an application from the Pet Save website and then schedule an appointment to meet her once approved. 😻 Pet Save 705-692-3319

Domestic Short Hair