My turn, my turn… Ace here! Hanging out at this overflow kennel, overflow… means too full!!! So, rescue me! Nicole, my new buddy, she walks me to get me out for some fresh air and says I’m a shy girl. Maybe you’ll be the one to take me out of my shell and show me [...]



Well hello there…I’m Caz. Yep, I’m as casual as they come, I’m a big 80 pound laid-back kind a guy, with or without your dog. Although, don’t show me a cat. I’m not so casual 😂. This shelter is not my casual way of living, get me out. Text 705-562-0022 or 705-662-2352.



Happy Saturday! Nova here, Sam posted a few of us last weekend, and Phoenix landed a meet and greet, Lou got lots of attention, but I did not seem to get too much, I DON’T KNOW WHY! Let’s try again… let me introduce myself, I’m Nova, I’m a happy go lucky shepherd mix, I love [...]

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